L&M Hearts TSOQ


We have been incredibly lucky to meet some amazing people along our journey.  We are where we are today because of the support of many, in particular our beautiful and vivacious TSOQ girls. These two creative and fearless women inspire people on the daily with their engaging social media presence & magnetic personalities.

What’s amazing about Hubby and Wifey (as they affectionately call each-other) is their experimental nature with their hair colour, length and style. It’s always so fun working with TSOQ and letting our imaginations run wild. They have gone from mermaid hair to long & luscious beach waves, to sleek and sexy top-knots, to messy bedhead buns – all in one sitting.

We are SO proud to partner up and collaborate with TSOQ!  If you’ve not done so already, check them out at www.thestoreonqueen.com.