Throwback Thursday: Double Bubble Ponytail

The ‘90s are back in a BIG way with this fun updated version of the classic ponytail worn by our favourite celebs Kendall Jenner, Olivia Culpo and Blake Lively. Now it’s your turn to rock it!

Tools Needed:

L&M Clip In Extensions
L&M Detangling Brush
3 Hair Elastics
Bobby pins

Step One: Bubble, Bubble, Pop!

Pop in your L&M 12inch clip-ins and smooth through your mane with L&M’s Detangling Brush for a polished result.

Step Two: Get Stylin’!

Gather your hair into a tight ponytail and fasten with an elastic. Section off 1-inch of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to hide it. Secure with a bobby pin. L&M Top Tip: Use our signature 18” clip-in extensions to create an extra long pony. Check out our high rise ponytail tutorial here.

Step Three: Puff out the Pony!

Create a 3-inch section below the base of your ponytail and fasten tightly with an elastic band. Now time to express yourself! Go from flat to flirtatious by fanning out the bubble using your fingers to gently pull apart strands of hair between your two elastics and create a rounded shape. Repeat for two to three more sections of hair until you reach the end of your pony. L&M’s Top Tip: For a super sleek look, wrap a section of hair around the elastic and secure using a bobby pin after creating each bubble.

Step Four: Gloss it Over!

Set with your favourite hairspray for a sleek long lasting look and throw on some pink lipgloss for some added throwback fun!



Booyah! Now you can be all that and a bag of chips with your original ponytail! What retro 90’s outfit will you be pairing with this #tbt hairstyle? Let us know on our Instagram and Facebook page and show us your style by using the tag #longhairdontcare!

Throwback Thursday: 5 Steps to Perfect 50’s Hollywood Curls

Perfect 50’s Hollywood Curls

Calling all graceful, glitzy and glamorous gals! Don’t just reach for the stars, look like a star with these classic Hollywood curls! Follow the five steps below for a timeless hairstyle that will actually save you time!

Tools Needed:
Fishtail Comb
L&M Clip-In L&M Hair Extensions
Voluminous Mousse or Curling Spray
Elastic Band
Duckbill Clips or Bobby Pins
L&M Trio Curling Wand
L&M Detangling Brush

Step One: Pump up the Volume!

The key to success with these elegant curls is starting off with voluminous hair. Kick off your Hollywood ´do by blow drying your L&M Clip-In Extensions, focusing on lifting the roots upward. Apply your favourite oil-free volumizing mousse or curling spray to maximum your full potential for va-va voluminous hair. L&M Top Tip: We like Davines’ This is a Volume Boosting Mousse!

Step Two: Now, Comes the Vintage!

Embrace the vintage look by creating a deep side part using the pointed end of your fishtail comb for a crisp, clean line. Divide your hair into two horizontal sections and secure the top half away with an elastic band. Create 2 inch sections throughout the bottom portion of your hair. These sections will be curled in step 3!

Step Three: Shape Your Curl, Girl!

Using the largest barrel of your L&M Trio Curling Wand, curl the sections of hair created in Step 2 by holding the wand parallel to the ground and wrapping the hair around the barrel towards its end. L&M Top Tip: Wear your curling glove included with your wand for safety!

After releasing your curl, twist the curl inwards towards itself and pin against your scalp with a duckbill clip or bobby pin. This helps the curl keep its shape while creating volume. L&M Top Tip: The longer you leave your curl pinned, the longer they will last! Repeat for the rest of the bottom section.

Step Four: Pin, Set and Go!

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 with the top section of your hair. L&M Top Tip: Get ready to look a little silly! Take a selfie and send it to your friends while you wait. Once your curls are set, release the curled sections from the clips or pins starting from the back of your head and towards your face.

Step Five: It’s Time for Fun!

Time for the fun part! Spray your L&M Detangling Brush with your favourite hairspray and brush through your curls for a soft, full effect. Your hair should naturally fall into an s-like shape. Gently smooth out the frontmost pieces with your fingers and shape into place. Finish with a final coat of hairspray for longer wear.

You’re done! Get ready for the paparazzi! Feel glamourous like a Hollywood star with these charming curls. Where will you be sporting these curls? Show us on Instagram by tagging us @locksandmane or by using #longhairdontcare.