How to achieve the top 5 hairstyle trends of 2020

We’ve identified the most stand-out hair trends for 2020. Here’s our round-up and tips on how to achieve them!

1. Dramatic hair accessories. Everyone loves a good hair accessory. From oversized clips, to opulent headbands, and colourful scrunchies. Hair accessories are having a big moment. Shop our L&M Accessories.

2. The short bob

The super short bob is here to stay for a while. If you’re loving the look but a little nervous to try it out we’ve got you covered. Our 12″ or 18″ clip-in extensions can give you the extra length you may crave some days.

3. Vintage Hollywood waves

Long Hollywood waves are still a go-to for any glam event. Our 18″ clips are a red carpet go-to time and again. They’ll give you that needed length and volume to achieve that Hollywood glam look!

4. 70’s Hair

Beachy waves are becoming a little more undone. We’ve seen this trend being called 70’s hair. It’s super natural, super long, and super on point! Obviously we’ve got you covered for length, but our dry shampoo can also give you the texture and body needed to perfect this look.

5. Top-pony

You can wear it super sleek like Kimmy K, or loose and curly like our Mane Girl Jennifer Parrot. The top-pony is a fun every-day option. Watch Jenn’s top-pony tutorial and see how she gets her looking so full!