How to Remove Your Microbead Extensions

Single & Double Volume

So your hair may have started to grow out..
It may be time for it to be removed.  Don’t panic! 
These step-by-step instructions will help you take them out worry free.

**If you have a partner nearby, it is sometimes easier with help. 
If not don’t worry, you can do this! 💪

Just gather the following items: 

  • Pliers (Jewelry, needle nose, any that are smaller and can grip the bead)
  • Tangle teezer/Wet brush
  • A small finetooth comb to help comb out your hair afterwards
  • Clips to section your hair  


1. Start to section the top of your hair from the first layer of the extensions. Clip it up out of the way. 

2. Section the rest of your extensions, layer by layer and clip them up. You may only have two rows to section with single volume or you may have double volume which will consist of 3 – 4 rows or more.

3. Once everything is clipped up and neatly sectioned, begin with the bottom row and work your way up when it comes to removing the extensions. 

4. Grab your pliers and start at the side of the weft. Grip the pliers onto the bead and gently open it up into a full circle (so it no longer looks like it was squished in half).

5. Start to gently pull at the opened microbead. It will begin to slide down gently on the strand of hair. IF – it’s not working, gently open the bead a bit more with the pliers to make sure you aren’t pulling on your own hair (it should slide out pretty easily).

6. You will then start to remove every bead and go along the row, gently removing them. 

7. You have now taken out all of the beads and the weft is still slightly attached to the hair.

8. Start to remove the weft gently from one side to the other, by slowly sliding it towards the ends of your hair. 

9. BRUSH – you can use a small tail comb or a wet brush/ tangle teezer. At this point you may notice a bit of a build up of dry shampoo/conditioner stuck under the bead. 
Do not panic, simply pull it apart with your fingers and gently brush away the residue (this is normal and happens with extensions). If you notice your hair is quite tangled and cannot be brushed through, it’s important to use the same ‘pull apart’ technique with the knots. If you approach knots like you’re untangling a necklace, you’ll have a lot more success!

10. Shedding – Some shedding may occur when you are removing. Shedding is normal since you lose on average 60-100 hairs per day and what you’re seeing are those hairs that were trapped inside the bead.

11. Remove and comb through every row, repeat!

You have now finished the steps to remove your extensions. 

We will see you on the other side of this and can’t wait to pamper those luscious locks!! xo