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  • Is your hair extension application method really the safest, fastest and most affordable way to get long, luscious locks?

    You better believe it! No chemicals or glues. L&M uses tiny silicone-lined microbeads that protect your natural hair when extensions are applied. Our method takes less than an hour to install and lasts up to 8 weeks (depending on care). L&M wants everyone to experience the luxury of having long, gorgeous hair and we’ve made it our mission to offer the most affordable hair extensions on the market.

  • Are hair extensions damaging?

    Not with our method! So long as you follow care instructions and your locks are properly ‘maneTained’ there’s no need to worry about damaging your natural hair.

    Girl talk: Don’t be alarmed when your extensions are being removed and you see quite a few of your own strands leaving your head. Each day you lose approx 100 hairs (who knew?) as a part of the natural hair growth cycle. When you wear extensions these loose hairs have nowhere to go and end up waiting around to make their big debut.

  • Can I get hair extensions?

    If your natural locks are longer than 3 inches then we’ve got you covered! The only time L&M advises against a mane enhancement is for those suffering from alopecia or other forms of hair loss.

    If you’re unsure or hesitant, come in and visit us for a complimentary consultation!

  • How do I wash, dry & style my extensions? And what about colouring and highlights?

    Treat your mane exactly the same! That’s the beauty of 100% human hair extensions… you can wash, dry, style and treat as your own. L&M will custom match your extensions to your existing colour but feel free to have a change of heart and get creative with your colourist. You can still rock a pony, a top knot, a braid or a half-up do, the only difference is you’ve got a whole lot more locks to work with.

  • Will I need to make an appointment with my stylist to cut my extensions?

    L&M offers complimentary blending and styling of your new gorgeous locks. If you’re looking for a specific hair cut/style or for more than an inch off in length we recommend seeing your go to stylist.

  • Where does L&M get their hair?

    We source 100% human hair from the temples of India. The hair is offered during religious ceremonies and sold to wholesalers worldwide.