Be a Braided Bae this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, L&M is partnering with the SickKids Foundation to donate 100% of our dry-style proceeds to the Garron Family Cancer Centre. No time to drop in the salon on Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered! Scroll down for some cute DIY braided hairstyles that you can wear with or without your extensions.

Braided Topknot

Did anyone say sleek and polished?!
This ready-for-anything bun will take you wherever Cupid’s arrow leads!

Tools Needed:
L&M Detangling Brush
3 Hair Elastics
Bobby pins
Hairspray (optional)

Step One: Ponytail, please!
Start off this hairstyle by thoroughly brushing your hair out completely. Tangles = not cute! Gather your hair at the crown of your head and secure with a hair elastic at the base of your crown. If you’re using your L&M clip-in extensions, head over to our Ponytail Tutorial here

Step Two: Section
Create 1-to-2 inch section in your pony and position it to the side. This will become your braided wrap so make it as small or large as you’d like!

Step Three: Do the Twist!
Leaving the section you create in step 2 aside, twist your hair in a clockwise direction and wrap it around itself to create a ballerina bun. Secure the bun with a hair elastic at the base and use bobby pins for extra support.  

Step Four: Braid
Separate the hanging section of hair into three parts. Create a simple braid by crossing the rightmost section of hair over the middle (causing the right section to become the middle section) then the left section over the new middle. Continue this pattern until you reach the ends of your hair and secure with a small hair elastic. Try a fishtail braid to create a different look!

Step Five: Fan
Gently fan out the braid in order to create a fuller, more voluminous look by gently pulling the outermost sections of hair away from the centre of the braid. 

Step Six: It’s a Wrap!
Wrap the fanned out braid around the bun in a clockwise direction and secure with bobby pins. Finalize the look with hairspray to smooth down any fly-aways and get ready for fun! 


Braided Topknot

Girl-next-door with a twist!
This sweet and unexpected look is a simple way to amp up your V-Day look.

Tools Needed:
L&M Detangling Brush
L&M Dry Shampoo
Fishtail Comb
2 Hair Elastics
Bobby pins
Hairspray (optional)

Step One: Prep and Section
This hairstyle works best on day-old hair, but if your hair is squeaky-clean (We’re so jealous! How do you have the time? Teach us your ways!), use L&M’s #LongHairDon’tCare Dry Shampoo to add some texture and hold. Quickly brush through your locks with your Detangler to smooth out any knots or bumps in your hair. Using a fishtail comb, create an even section at the top of your head. 

Step Two: Divide and Conquer (the French Braid)
Divide the frontmost portion of your hair into into three small sections. Cross your rightmost section over the middle section, and cross the leftmost section over the middle in the same fashion. Continue this pattern, gathering additional hair from the right- and left- sides of your hair and crossing them towards the middle until you reach the back of your crown.

Step Three: Secure
Using a small elastic, secure your braid tightly. Brush through with your detangler to smooth out any hairs that might by tangled.

Step Four: Pony, Please!
To add extra volume, clip in the small weft of your L&M clip-in extensions to your pony! 

Step Five: Do the Twist!
Twist your pony tail in a clockwise direction and wrap it around itself in the same clockwise fashion.

Step Six: Bun and Done!
Secure your bun with an elastic band and fasten with bobby pins to ensure everything is in place. Add some flowers to your bun for some over-the-top V-Day fun! 


Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

TLC Said it First!
Fall in love with this romantic waterfall braided hairstyle this V-Day!

Tools Needed:
L&M #Long Hair Don’t Care Trio Curling Wand
L&M Detangling Brush
Three small hair elastic

Step One: Clip and Curl
Attach the 1″ barrel to your Trip Curling Wand and curl two-inch sections of your . Once the curler is heated, starting from the roots, in 2 inch sections wrap your hair around the barrel away from your face to create super cute beauty waves. Continue curling the rest of your mane.

Step Two: Brush Through
Brush through your curls using your Detangler to create a super smooth wave.

Step Three: Braid your Mane
Starting on the right side of your hair near the hairline, pick of three strands of hair and cross the rightmost section of hair over the middle, and the leftmost section over that. Release the rightmost section of hair from your fingers (you are now holding two strands – the middle and leftmost sections). Next grab a new section of hair from your part and cross it over the leftmost section of hair. Lastly, cross the rightmost section of hair over the new section you created! Continue with this motion until you reach the back of your hair and secure with a small hair elastic.

Step Four: To the Left!
Repeat Step three on the left side of your hair.

Step Five: Join your Locks
Once finished both of the waterfall braids, join the two braids together with one small elastic band.

Step Six: Party!
Voila! You’ve mastered the waterfall braid. Now go have some V-Day fun! 


Which style are you going to choose? Let us know on our Instagram and Facebook page and show us your Braided Bae V-Day ‘Do using the tag #longhairdon’tcare!