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Gwen E. Gwen E.

I had an incredible experience at Locks & Mane. It was my first time getting hair extensions so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Jennifer (one of the founders) was amazing at answering every single question I had with such passion and enthusiasm. After getting extensions I received SO MANY amazing compliments and felt so FABULOUS! I highly recommend going to Locks & Mane!

Kristen V. Kristen V.

I've been a client of Locks and Mane for almost a year now and I can honestly say they are one of my favourite Toronto finds. I've had three separate sets of extensions installed (blonde, brunette and black) and the quality of hair for all of them was exceptional for the price. I toned all three sets and it actually refreshed them and extended the length of wear. Following care instructions and using recommended products also helped keep the hair in its best form. While the hair quality is top notch, it is certainly the staff that makes the service the best in the city. Sweet, friendly, caring and qualified. If you haven't visited them at their Queen Street West location, you are missing out.

Sarah G Sarah G

This place is seriously amazing!! I'm so glad my friend recommended it to me. The girls at locks and mane are super sweet and the process was so quick I couldn't believe it I was out of there in like an hour and the way they curled my hair at the end was so beautiful. My natural hair is really thin and this gives me that extra volume I've always wanted!! It feels super natural and blends well with my hair color. I've had them in for about three and a half weeks now and honestly I don't even notice they are there. I bought the treseme conditioner like they recommended, so along with using that and just brushing it each night I am very impressed with how it's held up...especially since I'm a low maintenance kinda gal! I am most definitely coming back here!!

Just J Just J

I came here straight from my colouring appointment. Nadine picked the extension colour that blended in so perfectly that no one noticed anything, and I mean not even my husband or mom! Flawless. The installation of extensions is quick and painless (45 mins?). Nadine gave me some lovely waves and instructions for post care. Easy! She's gentle, very sweet & accommodating. I got so many compliments on my locks yet no one figured I got extensions! It's truly natural looking, you can't see the weft or silicone beads. Tightening or removal is no more than 10 minutes. They're secured really well and I had almost no hair shedding. There was zero damage on my own hair, which was pretty nice to see. My colourist was pretty happy about this because my hair is damaged. This is great if you're own hair is fragile or thin and you're dying to have longer, voluminous hair. Check them out, you won't regret it!

Luana H. Luana H.

I would highly recommend Locks & Mane - I've been a customer for over a year and have stayed a loyal customer since they opened. I have always enjoyed great customer service from every staff member and I love the quality of the extensions. The new online system has made managing my booking even easier, which helps when scheduling around a busy work schedule.

Lauren G. Lauren G.

As someone who has dabbled in extensions for the past 6 years, I can assure you that Locks and Mane is one of, if not the best, place in the city to achieve your long hair goals. I have had many, many different sets of clip-in extensions over the years and last summer seriously damaged my hair from hot fusion extensions. Since I vowed to never go that route again, I was looking for a good pair of clip-ins that would look just as natural. My biggest problem over the years was matching the colour of my extensions to my hair colour. I have never dyed my hair and it is a unique colour of strawberry blonde. As such my extensions often look too ashy or too brassy and do not match perfectly, causing the overall look to be less natural. That is until I came to Locks and Mane! Jennifer went above and beyond to blend a couple different shades of hair together to get the absolute perfect colour match. The colour is so perfect that you really cannot tell what is extensions and what is my own hair. Also since I'm a natural blonde, my hair is super fine and so the quality of the hair extensions is very important. The current pair that they set me up with have lasted 4 months, and through a wildly sandy music festival and are still in mint condition. The texture of the hair is really great and can withstand the large amount of styling I do to it. In addition, their innovative clip method and only using two well sewn wefts makes the application process way easier, which I appreciate with my busy lifestyle. On top of that usually by now one of the clips would have broken on my extensions making that piece unusable, but the Locks and Mane pieces are of such high quality that all clips are still fully in tact. Also the staff at Locks and Mane are some of the most lovely girls in town. They hold customer appreciation events, are considerate, generous and honest. You never leave the salon without feeling like a million bucks. Also their pricing is totally reasonable and is one of the least expensive places I have ever gone for extensions. If you have ever had a bad experience with extensions, or want to try them for the first time, this is the only place in the city I would recommend to everyone and anyone!

Melanie C. Melanie C.

I don't usually have time to write reviews but I am making an exception because I just finished with yet another fabulous appointment at Locks & Mane. I have been a loyal client since I was first introduced over a year ago and highly recommend that anyone who has extensions or is contemplating getting extensions to check this place out! I have been getting extensions - bonded, tapes, clips - for over ten years and the method used here is by far the easiest, safest and most affordable I have ever used! The staff is extremely professional, knowledgeable and accommodating! Do yourself and your hair a favour and check out Locks & Mane!!!


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