Decisions, Decisions! How To Decide Between Clip-In and Semi-Permanent Extensions

L&M offers both clip-in and semi-permanent extensions. Want to know which type of extensions best suit your #hairgoals? Read below!


How involved is your daily beauty routine?

Are you the get up and go kind of girl? Or do you love taking your time getting ready for the day with music on full blast, while singing into your hair curler to your favourite song?

Pre-style your clip-ins the night before for a few extra hits of the good old snooze button. Just wake up, pop in the L&M’s clip ins to instantly give you volume and length for the rest of day!

If you are the type of girl who wakes up and looks forward to thinking of what kind of style she can rock today, our semi-permanents are for you! Semis come in two volumes and in both 16” and 18” lengths for endless styles you can rock today, tomorrow or any day.


What type of hairstyle do you wear most often?

Clip ins are great option are for those who wear a super high ponytail or sleek top knot. Just clip them into your pony and go! Check out our tutorial here to learn how to achieve maximum volume and length with this signature up-do.

If you’re more into Rihanna’s various iconic looks, semi permanent is the way to go for an adjustable day-to-day style. Go from a long wavy mane, to silky smooth straight hair, to a curly low pony. Achieve all these looks by using L&M’s all-in-one Trio Curling Wand.

How many styles do you wear in a day?

If you’re the on-the-go type of girl who changes her hairstyle throughout the day, semi-permanent extensions are for you. Easily change your hairstyle from the gym to the office to an evening style. You’re also probably the type to always carry a brush in your bag. So why not use our L&M Detangling Brush for a more seamless, versatile look?  

For the non-commitment gals, clip-ins are made for those who like to rock one look for the day. You know what you want to look like and you’re dedicated to it, own it!

How often do you change your hair colour?

For our ever changing colour chameleon, semi-permanent extensions are a perfect match that let you change your hairstyle and hair colour every few months. Our “Try Me” semi-permanent extensions are the best option for the girl who is new to hair extensions but wants to try them out. They last for one to three months and if you fall in love with them, (we sure did!) our “Love Me” extensions will last for six or more months. Top Tip: Easily create an ombré or a balayage by adding some highlights and lowlights from our 21 colour options!

Don’t worry, for those who like sticking to their routine, we got you covered too. Our uniform divas, who love people recognizing you for your signature hair, clip-ins are a great option that can be used for months on end all while changing up your style as little or as much as you wish.


Which hair extensions suit you best? Let us know on our Instagram and Facebook page and show us what extensions YOU wear using the tag #longhairdontcare! 


Hairstyles: Who’s Your Celebrity Match?


Who doesn’t love a good head of beautiful luscious locks? And just like the clothes you wear your hairstyle says a lot about you. Your hairstyle can be your statement – your signature ‘thing’. So, what does yours say about you?

The Top-Knot: Your hair game is on point! The modern bun is what it’s all about. You are a sophisticated minimalist and you never compromise style. Your hair soulmate is Bella Hadid and you ladies are downtown cool with a sexy twist!

The Boho Braid: Braids aren’t for school-girls anymore! Think Blake Lively and her gorgeous messy mane draped around her shoulder oozing glamour and elegance. You have that #Iwokeuplikethis look going on – effortlessly gorgeous!

The Messy Bun: Perfectly imperfect. It can be intentional or just one of those ‘I Can’t Even’ days. And like Cara Delevingne you are confident in who you are and you own your style. You’ve got a little bit of a wild streak and it looks good on you!

Sleek & Straight: As far as we are concerned this is as good as it gets! Red Carpet all the way. Glossy, straight long beautiful hair is the be-all and end-all. You and our #girlcrush Kim Kardashian are goddesses who were put on earth for us to envy and emulate. Your hair is your EVERYTHING. You work hard at perfecting your locks and trust us it doesn’t go unnoticed. You go girl!

High Pony: Your gym pony just got a massive upgrade to a super chic high-pony that is AH-mazing! Who rocks this look like no other? The one and only Ariana Grande. You must be saucy and fun! Life of the party and not one to shy away from the spotlight. We love it!

Beach Waves: Easy and sexy just like Mrs. Legend herself Chrissy Teigen. This hairstyle will never get old. Universally adored this look has that je ne sais quoi thing going on! You are stylish and romantic. Irresistible to many. Your beautiful hair is a big turn-on to the opposite sex….and you don’t mind one bit!

You can achieve all of these looks with Locks & Mane! Shop here and check out our tutorial videos for some more fun!