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2021 Hair Trends That Are Here for A While

2021 has arrived and we aren't quite sure what to make of it yet.  The one thing we know for certain is hair is pretty pretty these days.  Whether you're into a sleek bob, or embracing the 90's blowouts (a la Rachel Green) – everything in the world of hair is gorgeous and low maintenance.  And we really like low maintenance right about now!   Read on to get a look at the prettiest dos of 2021.

1. The Sleek Bob

If there is one hairstyle that is hotter than hot right now it's a sleek bob.  Everyone from Beyoncé, to the Kardashians, to Kai Gerber and Hailey Baldwin are rocking this look.  A bob isn't as commitment heavy as it used to be thanks to hair extensions.  If you're feeling brave go ahead and chop those locks, and be comforted by the fact that if you're craving longer hair in a months time we're here for you!

2. The Invisible Trim

You know we love long hair.  To have natural length requires regular trimming.  I know it's counter intuitive but it makes sense. Trimming the top layer of your hair while leaving the underneath is the easiest way to keep hair healthy while keeping length.  The top layer is the layer that take the most abuse from the sun, hot tools and beyond, so trimming the ends helps clear out split ends – which in turn helps hair grow longer and stronger.

3. The Illusion of Length

If you're growing out your hair, or if you have hair that never seems to grow past a certain length then ask your stylist to help you create the illusion of length.  Cutting face framing layers just below your chin helps create the perception that hair is longer than it actually is.  If you're still craving length after that, try our 18" clip-ins – you'll have hair cascading down your back in seconds!

4. The New Rachel

Yup - the 90s are back in a big way.  From fashion, to make-up trends, to hair.  We've seen glimpses of it with the sleek bob, and face framing layers, but "The new Rachel" is so in-your-face it can't be denied.  The look is all about body and movement.  Short layers and a big blowout create the bouncy looking hairstyle that women in the 90s went crazy for.

5. Parisian Girl Bangs

French girls are cool - there's no denying it.  They've got an effortless look to them that is chic and timeless.  Any french "it" girl seems to have the heavy fringe that Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin are famous for. 

6. Play with Color

Do you want to get out of your comfort zone?  Or have you been dying to try color but don't want to go all in?  Then dabble!  Right now we are seeing color in face framing streaks.  It's definitely less committal than an all over job - yet it still has the same wow factor.

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