Hair Color Trends

Hair Color Trends

Do you ever get the urge to change up your hair color?  Well, there's tons of inspiration out there right now.  Everything from pastel balayage, chunky highlights, baby highlights, and even multi-colored hair.  The consensus in the hair world is that right now, it's about being fun and different. Aren't we all ready for a little fun?!

We've scoured the 'gram, and searched the net to round up what we think are the most fun hair color trends to try right now.  

Want to dabble with color but don't know if you're ready to go all in?  Balayage is  an easy way to test color without the full commitment.  You can try pink, purple, blue, or anything that suits your fancy.  Keep in mind, pastel color is a little high maintenance so work with your stylist to make sure you use the right shampoo to keep it from fading too fast.

Toffee highlights or balayage are perfect for anyone with dark hair looking to add a little light, but are not ready to try anything too drastic.

This is by far our most high maintenance trend, and it's definitely a BIG commitment - but we love it!  Silver hair has been around for a couple years now and it's not going anywhere.  You can try and icy blonde, as seen here, or go to a true silver which almost has a purple undertone.  This requires stripping your hair of all color before you begin, so think it through before you take that icy plunge.

The most low maintenance trend is the rooted trend.  It's pretty easy to achieve and is an intentional root that will delay your salon visits.  Ask your stylist for a root shadow over freshly done highlights. In hair stylist language you want a root shadow to be an exact match of the base color of your hair.  

So what exactly is honey hair?  It's hair color with an amber undertone.  It's not a strawberry-blonde - it's got slightly more of a taupe undertone.  Like honey it can range from a light golden to a dark amber.  It's a warm hue that flatters almost any skin tone. 

There is definitely a 90's nostalgia moment going on.  Thankfully we are brining back the more flattering elements like chunky highlights and slip dresses, and leaving the more questionable choices like pencil thin brows and brown lip liner back in the 20th century.  Chunky highlights, this time around, aren't as contrasting as they were 20+ years ago.  They are more tonal - so keep that in mind before going full on 1997!

Hot shades of red are back and in popular demand.  Everyone caught The Queen's Gambit fever this year and we are having a moment with it.  Again, a shade like this is going to be hard to maintain and you'll be visiting the salon less than every six weeks.

Babylights are great for everyone but especially great for fine hair as they add a lot of depth.  It's easy to achieve and can work on any color. Your stylists will foil really thin layers of highlights. 

Not for everyone - but we couldn't talk about fun hair color trends without mentioning multi colored hair.  If you really want to get inspired just google multi-colored hair – the options are endless!

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