Hairstyles to Rock This Halloween

Halloween is the time of year where you can really go all out with your hair looks. So, we say .. go big or go home. Here are some fun costumes ideas that will let you have a little fun with your hairstyle.
Cruella de Ville is known for her absolutely iconic multitoned hair. This look is super easy to recreate with a wig and a red dress. Also, Cruella looks are super on-trend right now since the new movie was just released.
Thing One and Thing Two are characters from The Cat in the Hat. Their look is super simple to recreate by rocking this dark blue hairstyle. You can get this look by using washable hair dye or by wearing a wig. Once you've done that, simply throw on a red outfit and tape Thing One or Thing Two to your chest.
The Joker’s green hair is so vibrant and is an easy way to create a show-stopping costume. This look can be recreated with green washable hair dye or with a wig, as seen in this photo. The joker is seen in many different outfits so choose your favorite to complement this hair look.
Billie Eilish's look is super fun and edgy. With some washable green hair dye, you can recreate her look easily. Once your hair is dyed, throw on some oversized clothes and you're Halloween ready!
This red Power Ranger look is everything, especially with this long red wig that totally brings the look together. To recreate this, buy a red wig and wear a monocolored red outfit.