Our Fav 90s Hair Trends

Our Fav 90s Hair Trends

90s trends are having a moment and we are loving it.  We've rounded up our favourite styles - enjoy a trip down memory lane!

Voluminous Blowout

The 90s Blowout has made a real comeback! Everyone is looking to achieve the classic Cher hair as seen in Clueless. This look is super chic and is an absolutely stunning option for an everyday look.


Yup, crimped hair is cool again, and we love it! Kim looks stunning in this crimped style. It adds an element of funk to every look and brings us right back to the 90s. 

The Flip

Were so happy that this hairstyle is back on-trend. This sleek hair flip is absolutely stunning on Cardi B. Many celebrities have been seen wearing similar styles in the last year and it is a look that compliments everyone!

High Pony

The high pony is back and we're here for it! This look is super effortless and easy to do yet elevates any look for any occasion. Rihanna completely rocks this style with a more done-up look.

Mini Side Braids

These mini side braids are stunning on Margot Robbie. This look is super easy to do and adds a little zest to every look. The best part is that this style can be done anywhere and only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

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