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Summer Hair Health Guide

Sun, salt, sand, swimming pools! Summer is here!

We love summer at Locks & Mane.  It's a time to let our hair down (pun intended).
Here are a few tricks and tips to keep in mind this summer so that your hair stays protected against the elements.

A Hat is Sunscreen For Your Head!

We all know the importance of sunscreen for our skin, but we can't exactly rub it on our hair.  Our hair doesn't technically get burnt in the sun but UV rays do break down the cuticle, leaving hair dry, damaged and frizzy.  A hat is the simplest way to protect your hair - it protects your scalp too.  We are currently loving the Auxiliary Hamptons Straw Hat from Aritzia

Avoid That Notorious Pool Hair

Do not, do not, do not - we repeat, do not let chlorine sit on your hair after a swim.  Chlorine dries out hair and also alters color.  If possible, we recommend rinsing your hair soon after a swim and putting a nourishing oil on it. Try Klorane UV Protective Oil with Ylang-Ylang for Sun Exposed Hair. Afterward, you can throw your hair up in a bun and continue to enjoy the sun!

It's a Great Time for A Hair Mask

You don't have to be a sun worshiper to feel the effects of the sun on your hair.  Even a few minutes in intense sun can leave your hair drier and frizzier.  Whether it's summer or winter we always promote hair masks.  They are a great way to maintain moisture and protect your hair from the elements.  Try our DIY Avacado Mask.  We also love the Ouai Treatment Masque.

Summer is a Great Excuse to Cut Back on Shampoo!

The oil your hair naturally produces protects it from the sun, so you don’t want to over-wash during the warmer months. Instead of lathering up daily, opt for a dry shampoo like our I Woke Up Like this Dry Shampoo, use it a couple times a week to prolong washing it and stripping the scalp and hair cuticles of moisture.
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