Summer Haircut Inspo

Summer Haircut Inspo

Here are some of our favorite haircuts to elevate your look this summer.



You can never go wrong with this sleek bob look. It’s so simple yet so elegant and fun. It’s also super healthy for your hair to chop your locks making it the perfect hairstyle for anyone who has dead ends.



Bangs are back in and we’re living for it! Especially on trend right now are curtain bangs which we can totally get behind. Ask your hair technician to give you this look next time you’re in the salon or watch one of the many tutorials on YouTube if you want to do it yourself!

We’re loving this short hair look. It’s so glamorous and super easy to maintain and style. These looks will draw the attention back to your beautiful face. It’s super edgy and fun too!

One look that we absolutely love is long hair with layers as it adds so much dimension and totally spices up your look. You can decide between more intense or softer layers depending on your style. This look is truly amazing on anyone!

You can also try the opposite of layers which is the straight across cut! This look is simple yet chic and looks great on almost everyone!

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