Milk Chocolate #4

Milk Chocolate is a deep brown with consistent coloring throughout. A classic color for the quintessential brunette. With Locks & Mane extensions you’ll instantly add length and volume. 

100% Remy Human Hair.

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  • $85.00 USD

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Stephanie Smith

Milk Chocolate #4

Olga Balanovskaya

Love it!

Very secure, tons of volume

Ordered these for my wedding and they were great. The milk chocolate matched my natural hair but since I had some overgrown balayage, the ends of my hair were almost a full shade lighter. This wasn’t a problem, it actually looked quite natural.
I’d recommend getting someone to put them in who knows what they are doing though. I had a hairdresser put them in for a trial and they put them in way too high on my head and they hurt and some of the clips peeked through and there was a little bump. But when my hair stylist put them in for my wedding she made them look MUCH more natural and I wore them all day and night with no issue! They are also SO easy to remove yourself at the end of the day. I used them for volume, not length. The hair itself is thick and beautiful. No one knew I was wearing extensions unless I told them, and then they were shocked!
I recommend shampooing them before wearing - they come with a coating that makes them shiny and washing them makes them look more natural. The box comes with a card that explains how to do this

Milk chocolate

The colour is very orange and does not match my hair at all. I won’t be able to wear them unfortunately.

Blayre Dickson
Secure and Comfy

When I first received my extensions I was alarmed by the amount of clips that were attached to the extensions but I have to say they secure really nicely and are super comfy you don’t even notice them once they’re in I don’t have any hair pulling and they blend really nicely! Good quality And colour matched really nice