Our Story

Locks & Mane was founded in 2015 by Jennifer Parrott. After spending 8 years and thousands of dollars on her own hair extensions that took hours to install, Jennifer wanted to find a way to make them fast, affordable, and non-damaging as possible. These attributes have become the L&M pillars and are our promise to you!

At L&M, we truly believe in providing an empowering and positive experience for ALL women. The student, lawyer, friend, mom, cancer survivor, grandmother, and autoimmune warrior. These are the women who inspire the L&M values and company constitution.

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Giving Back

We believe that wearing Locks & Mane can empower and lift people up during some of life’s toughest experiences. This is why we donate 100% premium human hair wigs to chemotherapy patients through Strong Like Me.

Strong Like Me is a non-profit organization dedicated to making this transition as comfortable as possible, allowing those affected by cancer to feel like their strong and confident selves again.

Our Clips

Locks & Mane extensions are made with 100% human hair sourced from India. Our team follows guidelines to make sure L&M clips meets the highest ethical standards.

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